3 comments on “Epoxy Rocket Science

  1. Steve, I have been using epoxies for fifty years, starting in my childhood helping my father build a wood/fabric airplane. While i generally agree on the wonders of epoxy, i find that Titebond 3 is superior in many boat-building applications, specifically lumber to plywood and lumber to lumber joints. 1) no pot life issues 2) no tiny batches to measure/mix 3) no waste

    • Hi, Tim:

      I see the advantages of Titebond wood glue that you’ve mentioned, and that’s why I’ll use it where I can. I’m more confident in the epoxy, though, for putting the bulkheads into the boat. I know it’ll be really strong and am not as confident about titebond for that particular application. I do think epoxy is versatile, but also think that, sometimes, there are simpler, less toxic materials that can be used, my own epoxy sensitivity in evidence. Have you found Titebond sufficient for mast laminations?

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