8 comments on “Video Overview No. 1

  1. Looking good! nicely done video. Are you going to bevel the chines before you mount them? Scarph or butt block on the bottom?

      • One tool that i find to be indispensable is a low angle block plane, Stanley 60 1/2 or Bailey 12 degree or the Anant knock off of same. These are End Grain planes, and no matter which direction you cut plywood you have end grain. I have 4 of them scattered around the shop so that they’re always at hand.

      • I tell you Steve, if i were in your shoes i would get a low angle block plane and spend an evening sharpening and tuning up the tool while the epoxy on the chines cures in this cold weather. Beveling the 28′ of plywood end grain to match the chine member would be so much easier with it.
        Sears has one for $19.78 http://www.craftsman.com/shc/s/search_10155_12602?keyword=hand+plane , later when you have more $ you can get a better grade of blade.

      • Bummer, Sears has really gone down hill since Roebucks left. Check your local junk stores, that is where i got two of the four that i own. Good luck, TA

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