8 comments on “Wood Failures

  1. Happy New Year Steve! looking good! You have learned what a lot of us learned the hard way; the pricier Clear grade of lumber is worth it. It takes bend better and requires less time to produce a nice finish. Nice to see that you own a Ryoba Nokogiri, Lowes has Bear Brand saws that have a better quality steel blade that may fit your handle. I have built many stitch and glue plywood kayaks using only a Ryoba Nokogiri and a low angle blockplane, a quiet shop is wonderful. This is where i get my saws http://japantool-iida.com/saw/2008/05/doubleedged-sawryobanokogiri-b.html

    • Happy New Year, Tim.

      The specs could recommend better wood, it would have saved much wasted time.

      On previous boats, I bought the more advanced materials specified by the designer.

      For this design, the spec is “cheap soft pine.”


    • Agreed.

      The saw is a $25 model from Sears that I bought 8 or 9 years ago. I used it to build my S&G kayak. It is hands down the sharpest and easiest saw I own, the tool of choice. It’ll need a new blade when this boat is done – I’ll check out your link.

  2. Hi Steve,I just found your site.Thanks for posting ,things look great.Just started a MF 14 look forward to learning from you. Jerry

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