6 comments on “Trimming The Bottom

  1. A router with a bottom bearing bit would have done this … no gauge, just let it follow the chine log. Many ways to get there, you result looks great.

  2. Steve,were you able to cut the wales and Chines from a 14′ footer or do you need 16 ‘?

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    • Sorry for the delayed response. All work and no play means I haven’t done much boatbuilding or blogging lately.

      I just went out and measured along the bottom of the gunwales. It’s exactly 14 feet, which means it’ll be smidge short along the top edge of the hull sides. I used 16’s and was glad I did.

      • Jerry,
        You need 16’s to have overhang at each end of the sticks to use to get leverage to bend them into position. They do not go willingly.

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