2 comments on “Gunwale Reinforcement

  1. Steve,
    Great Blog. Looks like you are doing a really terrific job building Mayfly. I particularly appreciate your sharing of the few problems you have encountered. Learning through problem resolution is the finest kind.
    I have just purchased the plans and will start my build (my first) in about two weeks. I have JM’ s book plus a couple of others.
    I have a plethora of questions for you if you are receptive to them

  2. Colin:

    Thanks. As you can tell, I’ve not been making progress for a couple months, lots of work and family commitments. I was hoping to be sailing by now. Yes, experience is the best teacher, but sometimes the cost is expensive. 🙂 Sure, post questions and I’ll answer what I can. A couple of other commenters here just might jump in with more experience than I have.


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