4 comments on “Getting Decked Never Felt So Good

  1. Steve,
    Congrats on your progress. I too have just installed the decks and the hatches/covers. In his book JM only requires extra support under the front deck if you plan on installing the hatch cover locating strips OUTSIDE the deck coaming. The support is to provide a base for the eye screw for the hatch cover shock cord hold-down. It is not needed if you put the locator strips inside. In that case the eye screw just goes into the coaming. However I read somewhere that deck support should be installed if the deck is ever to be walked on.
    One other note JM suggests NOT gluing down the decks just use silicon sealant and screws, in the
    event you would need to remove them. ( Repair a leak??). I leak tested my boat by floating it in my 20′ x 25′ garden Koi pond before I installed the decks.
    I have had a heck of a difficult time with locating the precise location on the hull for the leeboard pivot bolt and also making sure the lower leeboard guard is exactly parallel to the hull centerline.. It is all done and I hope I got it right. Spars and sail are next then just lots of sanding and paint.
    Launch date July 14th…two weeks behind schedule.
    Like beauty perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Ergo my boat is perfect and beautiful as I suspect is yours.
    All the best,

    • Colin:

      Locating the leeboard guard sounds tough. Feel free to comment on lessons learned,

      As for gluing the decks I elected to go with tougher PL-Premium adhesive rather than caulk, It will be more rigid and I may be able to separate it with a wire if need arose.


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